“I am black and beautiful”, “I am black and proud”

“I am black and beautiful”

“I am black and proud”

There’s or there must be something insidiously and fundamentally wrong with such self-reassuring statements, evidently from “black” people – but more so, what motivates or makes “black” people feel the need to tell themselves that and sometimes make public pronouncements of it.

Why, for instance, don’t we hear similar statements from and made by “white” people like; “I am white and beautiful”, “I am white and proud”, as often as “black” people seem to have an insatiable need to remind themselves and everybody else of course, of their “blackness” and its “beauty” and how “proud” they are of it?

Isn’t there something more significantly worrying and oppressive of and about a system –  be it social, political and otherwise; that has strongly built-in mechanisms to keep reminding people, to remind themselves of who they are, or indeed, who the same system defines and tells them what and who they are?

Could “black” people, by having the need to constantly make and tell themselves such self-reassuring nonetheless racially self-profiling statements, indeed be inadvertently playing into the racial stereotypes about “black” people, that the “white” race and its social and value system has historically created mainly and primarily for self preservation and advancing and perpetuating its interests above all else?

Do “black” people, realise how racist such racially self-reassuring statements are, in and of themselves, and how they [help] perpetuate the very evil of racism (which is principally the cause of this behaviour) they claim to fight against by making such pronouncements?