The “African middle” class: what a joke!

The “African middle” class is a joke!

The idea of an “African middle” class is, quite frankly, laughable, if not pathetic, to say the least. It only makes one wonder, what kind of African beast that is or will be!

Is it, or will it be, one that’s hang out in the middle to be feasted on by [all] other African beasts on the peripheries?

Or, by “African middle” class – what the proponents of this pathetic notion really mean – is the vicious beast in the middle, effortlessly feasting on every other beasts, from all corners and committed to none but itself alone and demands other beasts to loyally and quietly offer themselves up as its next prey?

Talk of feeding the golden goose that certainly lays no eggs at all, let alone the proverbial “golden egg”, but demands – with a vicious whip – that other geese and any egg laying creature, lay eggs aplenty on which it must feed its insatiable avarice!

This pathetic constant westernisation- largely Europeanisation and Americanisation- conveniently but also misleadingly parroted as “modernising” and “developing” Africa according to both western standards and value-system and in western image by the so-called “educated” Africans and the political class despite the false claims of “independence“, is a disgrace and must be rejected, resisted because it is hurting Africa and Africans more than it is claimed to be helping.

While we happily take in, hook, line and sinker, the western value-system, we’re failing miserably to distinguish the good, that can help us serve our interests whilst we maintain or at least, reasonably protect and preserve the best of our identity, traditional-cultural values, from, well, that which is nothing but toxic and will only destroy us by destroying our socio-cultural-moral values particularly through the colonial education system.

We must learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, or else, we get an unpalatable mélange of wheat and chaff – let’s call it, “cheat”. Yes, “cheat” – a portmanteau word extracted by randomly combining wheat and chaff, which really captures the essence of what we are mindlessly and happily doing – simply cheating and denying ourselves of our own identity while destroying our socio-cultural values.

Only a fool is proud of losing one’s identity for a clone of another person. We can certainly learn from others but not aspire to take on others’ identity while wilfully losing our own identity.

Only the indoctrinated, the so-called “educated” Africans and who – sadly, constitute the ruling political and economic; and usually upper class – want and aspire and are happy about the idea of  the “African middle” class; a social class of people whose main role is to provide and act as a buffer [zone] between; 1) the few at the top – the ruling political and economic class, again, who, by the nature and design of the socio-political and economic system – the socioeconomic and political system – are and constitute the rich, wealthy and controlling class and; 2) the ruled majority – overwhelmingly poor and angry – at the bottom [below] of the social ladder; whose desire, more than anything else, is to kill those at the top who they think and consider– whether true or not- as the cause of their social and economic predicament.

The “middle” class, in any society, is in a very difficult and precarious position, caught between a rock, that is, the ruling upper class that is not ready to risk losing its privileges most of which are due to and accorded by the “middle” class being precisely in the middle and kept in their place, and a hard place, that is, the oppressed, ruled and overwhelmingly poor and angry majority at the bottom of the socioeconomic and political ladder.

The sounds of silence may only go as far, but only when silence is broken can proper action be taken. Although silence has its commendable place in society, it is hardly inspiring and hardly inspires action. Only action, not silence, gets things done and moving!

Nothing, therefore, needs action- urgent action- and not silence, any more than to combat and crash the affliction that is the mindless “westernisation” of Africa by its ruling political and economic class who are, more often than not, well maintained agents of western power establishments and their capitalist and power interests.

Break the silence!