“Proud” Rwandan – the absurdity of an unnecessary exaggerated sense of national pride!

“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud.” Proverbs 16:18-19, KJV

So, “Proud Rwandan”, goes against the scriptures and, ironically, it is one that’s often heard from many Rwandans who are self proclaimed so-called ‘devout’ Christians – the bible hugging type, who greet each other with ‘praise the lord, Jesus‘ or some other such funny christian (religious) fundamentalist ideologies. But this is; or, let’s say, it is a false claim and one that, whether intentionally or not, reveals and communicates – on a much deeper and fundamental level – a [one’s] deep seated self-doubt [in] by those who make this false claim.

It is also predicated on the false assumption that, there perhaps exists two kinds [categories] of Rwandans;1) the ‘Proud Rwandan’; and; 2) the ‘Unproud Rwandan’; and by that false assumption, it thus creates an unnecessary dichotomy. But ‘Rwandan’ or, let me introduce my own concept of ‘Rwandanity’ – derived from a combination of Rwanda and nationality – should, I genuinely believe, be [good] enough to express, communicate and/or send out one’s pride and feeling about being [of] Rwandan [origin] and Rwanda, without the unnecessary need to prefixing Rwandan, their nationality, with ‘proud’.

To demonstrate how perverse this “Proud Rwandan” claim is, and comes across; imagine a scenario where [in which] you, a Rwandan, are asked to state your nationality, would [do] you say [state] “Proud Rwandan“?

Let’s suppose, out of exaggerated national pride, you would, and/or do; do you really think [suppose] you would be [are] taken seriously by anyone? Most likely not, because it is laughable but what is more likely is that you would and/or will have, albeit unintentionally, revealed deep seated insecurity about yourself.

But those who claim or indeed, choose to make a show and demonstrate their exaggerated sense of national pride, of their ‘Rwandanity’ or ‘Rwandanness’ by claiming to be ‘Proud’ Rwandans, are implicitly saying that if that which makes them [claim to be] ‘Proud’ Rwandans or be proud of [about] Rwanda were taken away [removed]; then their pride would subsequently be hurt – grossly affected and/or completely eroded and perhaps – would happily degenerate [in]to the second tier category – ‘Unproud’ Rwandan.

Let’s say, ‘Proud’ Rwandan is a fake proclamation and therefore, it and anyone who claims [falsely claims to be ‘proud’ Rwandan] should be treated with the contempt [it] they deserve[s]. Unless, of course, either there was a moment one did not feel and/or never felt a “Proud” Rwandan or one does anticipate such a moment at some point in time, in one’s life, to be anything other than Rwandan or not “Proud” Rwandan.

It is just like this equally perverse claim one hears a lot, thrown around by people who’ve been, throughout history, conditioned by a pathologically racist social system that requires them to prove and remind themselves, who they are by making empty and meaningless self-reassuring pronouncements such as “I am Black and beautiful”, “I am Black and proud”. As if to suggest they have a choice of being other than “Black”, whether proud or not.

It takes an extremely, if not pathologically insecure person to feel and therefore have the need to stress and prove [to] themselves or others, of their pride – how proud they are – of being just who they are, even and especially if they had/have no choice of being anything else other than who or what they are.

I am “Rwandan”, or, as a suggested concept, “Rwandanity“, itself alone, radiates boundless pride and should be enough to send a resounding message, firm and unequivocal!