Without economic freedom, all other freedoms are on shaky grounds.

“Every man’s freedom is enlarged when any other man’s freedom is secured” Michael Manly

The most cogent words ever spoken in the never-ending rallying calls for freedom.

Admittedly, there are many variants of freedom, or at least, the common tendency, for reasons – some obvious and understandable, others possibly questionable – is to make distinctions between one particular form of freedom from another.

However, despite the fragmentation, the common thread is that each and every variant of freedom is an essential element for the existence of another, and that for one form of freedom to possibly exist and to be achieved, the other forms must exist and be achieved along[side] and equally, without or failure of which, it is impossible to have either.

It is in this vein therefore that we must, in our quest for freedom, unflinchingly seek for and achieve economic freedom, because without economic freedom particularly in our present economic environment and conditions, all other forms, whatever form of freedom achieved, is achieved on shaky grounds and therefore threatened by the apparent lack of economic freedom to all and globally.