The secret to happiness

Expect nothing but be prepared to make trade-offs.

Remember, trust is a choice not an obligation. You don’t have to trust anyone but that does not mean you should distrust everyone.

Remember too, you owe no one respect. Like trust, respect is a choice not an obligation. But, again, that in itself does not mean disrespect. It simply means, you give respect when and where it’s due, that is, to those who deserve it, who have earned it; because respect is and should be earned, it’s not mandatory or gifted.

No one should demand respect from you or coerce you into respecting them, irrespective of their exalted social position or status. That would be abuse of their exalted position. Ensure you disabuse them of such power or ability. This also means, respect is in/under your control and as such, you accord respect or can withhold or withdraw it when and where it has been previously accorded but either carelessly taken for granted and/or thus abused.

People should earn your respect as much as your loyalty. While you too, should not expect respect and/or loyalty from others, you must deserve and earn it. Remember and live by the simple moral and ethical rule: do unto others as you would wish, want to see them do unto you. It is a simple but profound maxim and basis for inner peace.

Don’t talk or allow to have a discussion about religion or God with anyone. This is and it ought to be treated like a private and sacred matter, much like one’s criminal or sexual fantasies. Because they are fantasies, it is not always a good idea to talk/discuss about one’s fantasies with anyone lest you risk being labelled a lunatic and suffer the risks and/or consequences that come with that like social ostracization.

Don’t talk or allow to have a discussion about politics. Avoid politics, it is toxic, emotionally and physically draining and a complete waste of one’s valuable time. But keenly observe politicians, what they do, what they don’t do, what they say and avoid saying and how they behave; because this will help you to work out and know what and what not to say or do while you keep away from politics.

However, if you have to meet and/or deal with politicians, speak their language, mirror them, their public behaviour and mannerisms and talk back to them in the way they want and expect from you. In other words, amplify their own voices and whatever political garbage they espouse, package it nicely and give it back to them with the sweetest smile and feigned respect; the kind that is demonstrated with a deep bow while minding and keeping an unblinking sharp eye on their hands, for they might have a sledgehammer in their hands and take advantage of your deep bow, to deliver a fatal blow, and you will be gone and soon forgotten forever. Don’t ever trust politicians with their mouths and hands, they are very dangerous. Ensure you keep the appearance and behaviour and mannerism, while in their company, and you will have peace afterwards, as soon as you are out of their company.

Remember, politicians, most at least, contrary to wide misconceptions, are not really the monsters they are portrayed. They are as human and much vulnerable as you and I are but quite clever, manipulative and greedy assholes who have found ways to feed off you and I, the public while pretending and projecting themselves as useful to us and serving us, our interests and, better or worse, have managed to convince many of us to believe such lies. If anything, we ought to learn from them.

Forget about the fucking economy. There’s no such thing as the economy, it does not exist. It’s a glorified myth validated by statistics and we know statistics is a fancy term for opinions expressed in numbers but opinions nonetheless. Needless to say, opinions, to reiterate the cliché, “are like assholes, everybody has one and everybody thinks everybody else’s but theirs stinks”. If you find this statement about the fucking glorified myth so called ‘economy’ hard to believe or accommodate for further investigation, ask yourself this: how do dead people impact the fucking economy?

Does the economy gain or lose when someone dies or more people, let’s say, thousands die?

How does that reflect in the realms of so called economic indicators like GDP?

That said, however, you need to pay much and close attention to how you interact with others, everyone within your circle, because that will ensure your survival, which is what should be your main concern; not the fucking statistically validated and glorified so called economy.

Always remember, you are worth much more than [other] people think you are and/or want you to think and/or believe you are. Remember, they have interest in having you to believe you are worth less than your true worth, worth as much as they say you are because their own worth is dependent and built upon that – your own worth and in them devaluing it. So, the principle is simple: they raise their own worth by devaluing/lowering your own worth and more importantly, making you believe their own valuation of you; which is nothing but baloney. You want examples of this?

Back to politicians. Where do you think politicians derive their value/worth from?

Where does their value/worth come from?

Where does political power come from?

What makes a king, king?

Similarly, what makes a queen, queen?

What makes a president, president?

Where does their value/worth and their power come from?

Remember happiness is already within you and it is a choice. It is not dependent [up]on others or some external force although, admittedly, others or external forces may have and do have the ability to momentarily disrupt your happiness but it is and cannot be a permanent state unless you allow and accept it as such.

Still, it comes down to choice, of either accepting the momentary disruption as a permanent state or treating it as an [unfortunate] isolated incident, which is what it is, and therefore one that you should quickly get over and move on with your happiness.

Detox [yourself regularly of] from social toxins from and as a result of social interactions by spending some days alone [all by yourself], preferably away from the usual hustle and bustle, taking lots of rests and preferably in the dark, without or with minimal artificial light[ing].

Too much social interaction [with people] causes too much excitement and anxiety; and excessive excitement and anxiety is likely to cause [trigger] depressive mood swings, which in turn affect and/or contribute to the level of unhappiness.

So, by all means, scale back your social interactions, step back, withdraw from it, and wind down; declutter your social reservoir, decompress and free [make] up some more space. Have a breather, experience inner peace and enjoy happiness!