“I am a positive person” is a false claim. There’s no such thing as a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ person all over.

I am suspicious of the “I am a positive person” claim that fails to mention what the person making such claim is positive about. For, to fail or to choose not to qualify the claim, makes the false assumption that there is, as a general rule, two kinds of people over all, in this regard: the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ person.

Yet, we can at least agree to be honest about the fact that, there’s no such thing as a ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ person all over.

I am of the view that ‘positivity’ or ‘negativity’ as an emotional frame of mind and outlook towards things or the world in general, is largely circumstantial and one can be either depending on the circumstances or the situation or a particular thing under [one’s current] scrutiny.

No one with a critical mind and thinking will look at things happening, in and under different situations, and simply say to himself or herself, because I am a ‘positive’ person, I am going to look at and see only ‘positive’ things in this whole thing/situation irrespective of what is happening and how it is happening and its [likely] wide impact.

But the ‘positive’, ‘forever happy’ brigade like and want us, everyone to do just that, because they fancy to wear their false claims of ‘I am a positive person’ as some kind of badge of honour and recognition and therefore would like and tend to want everyone to do that without asking critical questions like: what is in this thing/situation to be ‘positive’ about? What is actually positive about what is happening in this thing or situation?

If anything, the ‘positive’ brigade are the least positive internally on many things but have to force themselves to be or feel positive, hence the need to validate themselves with such false claims. If you’re truly ‘positive’, why do you have and feel the need to advertise it?

What precisely is the purpose and/or reason for advertising how ‘positive’ or what a ‘positive’ person you are? To make others jealous of you? How positive is that and what’s positive about such mindset and thinking? So, basically, you are happy and feel positive to stir up negativity in others about you to make yourself positive?

It is not surprising that it is largely and commonly the ‘positive’ brigade, the people who falsely claim to be ‘positive’, who are most likely to commit crime, to be at the forefront of, to cause, troubles in the world and, of course, they are most likely to commit suicide with their ‘positivity’ – their ‘positive’ minds and attitudes towards everything at all times.

Equally not surprising is that, no one goes around claiming, proudly of course, as the ‘positive’ brigade do, to be a ‘negative’ person. But only the ‘positive’ brigade have that need and find it enchanting to go around claiming, quite loud, how ‘positive’ and what ‘positive’ people they really are! That begs the question: why is that and what does or should it say about the ‘positive’, forever ‘happy’ brigade?

What need[s] is[are] not met that make[s] them – the ‘positive, forever happy’ brigade – feel so terribly and hopelessly empty internally and thus find the need to seek consolation in such outward empty self-validation?

The Golden rule of thumb (without gold, of course, ☹): measure how positive or negative a person is about things, a particular situation – not their general outlook – by their reaction and/or action under the circumstance irrespective of how loud they [like] to toot their ‘positive’ horn. That usually speaks volumes about a [that] person than what they choose to say about themselves.

The saying “actions”, and I take the liberty to add, reactions, “speak louder than words”, couldn’t be more apropos in exposing what a scam, the “I am a positive person” claim made by the ‘positive’, ‘forever happy’ brigade, it really is!