Every political dictatorship – brutal regime – has its conscious facilitators.

Every political dictatorship – brutal regime, has its conscious facilitators. There’s a clear element of conspicuous and conscious complicity. The brutality cannot be squarely blamed on the single individual at the top alone. The brutality is a syndicate. The degree of complicity notwithstanding, everyone involved in it is an accomplice. The individual at the top of a political dictatorship, in some, if not most cases, is just as a victim of the system as those the system wantonly victimises and brutalises systematically.

All brutal regimes are facilitated by people who are heavily vested in their existence and continuity. Such regimes are facilitated by people who are beneficiaries – who benefit from both the entrenched structural strengths and weaknesses of the system. It’s such people, who benefit economically, financially and otherwise from the brutality of the regime, that facilitate and viciously defend its existence.

The person at the top of a brutal regime – a “dickheadship” – otherwise commonly referred to as a “dictatorship”, a transmogrification [bastardisation] of “dick” – English – and “tête” – French for head and “ship” – reference to stewardship – is a captive of the vested interests of the system. Such individuals, like Paul Biya, Yoweri Museveni and many of their ilk, at the top of [a] brutal regime(s) – a “dickheadship” – hardly knows what is being done, perpetrated in his (it has, so far, historically been men presiding over dictatorships) name through the ranks of the regime.

The brutality is, in most cases, sanctioned and supervised by those around the individual, merely a figure head – a walking zombie, like Paul Biya and Yoweri Museveni – who rarely has any control or effective authority over such individuals and the general state of affairs carried out in his name. Brutal regimes like Paul Biya’s in the Cameroon and Yoweri Museveni’s in Uganda, are controlled and administered by a cabal of vested interests, usually who control all economic activities of the country. People who use national wealth and resources as their personal property and for purely personal aggrandisement.

It’s people who carry and are dominated by a mindset that it’s only fair that they try to get their way in to the “eating” table – get as much of their “pound” of national “flesh” as they possibly can – who will have no trouble tearing the flesh of their own kith and kin apart.

“Show me the incentives and I will show you the outcome” Charlie Munger

This is the phenomenon of unimaginable human greed that is at the heart of the brutal regime in the Cameroon, Uganda; but the same phenomenon that is playing out in much of the troubled and conflict saddled Africa.

All brutal regimes in Africa, as is similar anywhere, are facilitated and defended by men and women who – due to their own heavily vested interests, who are cosseted by such regimes, who feed off and benefit from the brutality meted out on the people – consciously lost their conscience. They come in all manners, they come in all garbs, official or otherwise. They often pretend to be more “patriotic” than the people they and the regime they consciously facilitate and defend, brutalise – who they call all sorts of dehumanising names to justify and defend their brutality. They, consciously or not, are engaged in the brutal practice of weaponising of dehumanisation.

The people who carry out and execute orders, commands either from the individual at the top or the brutal cabal – the inner circle of brutality – around such individual, are everywhere, in our midst. Some pretend to be respected or respectable individuals with grand official titles.

Individuals like Paul Biya in the Cameroon and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and their ilk across the continent, do not personally carrying out the atrocities perpetrated in and across their countries. Such individuals at the top of brutal regimes could be much in the dark of most of what happens, of what is happening, done, presumably, in their names and capacity as heads of the brutal regime or head of state; for instance the genocidal atrocities perpetrated in the Southern Cameroon. Similarly, it is likely that they could be individually and directly sanctioning and therefore ordering their security forces and other brutal regime operatives to commit atrocites, presumably, under the pretext of protecting state/national security. But the real motive being to defend themselves and their personal, mainly power interests and their ill-gotten accumulated wealth.

It’s, therefore, likely that, for instance, Paul Biya in the Cameroon is a victim and captive of the brutal cabal around him, whose main preoccupation is to protect their wealth and other vested economic and political interests. He’s just a figurehead president maintained for the interests of such brutal cabal.

Whether the same thing can be said of Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, especially in view of the brutality by his security forces and his ruling party rogue operatives against people, mainly those from the opposition groups opposed to his brutal regime, across the country,  at this rate, is unlikely. Because he, Yoweri Museveni, appears to be fully aware, at least, publicly and judging by his public engagements, of what’s happening across the country and what his security forces are doing to Ugandans for simply expressing their political wishes and attempting to express their political will. Something, apparently, their constitution provides and permits them to do.

But this is precisely what is everywhere across Africa – the prevailing phenomenon of brutality – where entrenched greed of the few in and with power, who control and run the government; driven purely by personal [private] interests and nothing in terms of collective national interests, will use and apply all forms of brutality to protect their vested interests.