Wealth, Death, Beautiful and Ugly Cemetery – The Davos of the cemetery class.

While on my routine cemetery visits, I visited one beautiful, “elite” looking and expensive cemetery with expensive, designer gravestones. It was, without a doubt, outstandingly unique, breathtakingly beautiful.

It looked wealthy, it smelled money. The atmosphere was uniquely serene, far more serene and with an inescapable feeling of being given a generous open invitation to a gathering of an elite club of the world’s powerful and wealthy – Davos in a cemetery, to share on the largesse.

This was indeed, the Davos of the cemetery class, it was the closest I came to the Davos experience, to the world’s powerful and wealthy.

But that visual comparison with Davos and the feeling it gave me, quickly degenerated into anguish as I thought about the kind and calibre of people who congregate at their annual jamboree in Davos. The destruction, the suffering the Davos class inflicts on the world.

I started thinking deep with intense anguish, wondering and asking myself how much destruction those who occupied this beautiful, elite, expensive looking cemetery – its current residents – in their pursuit of power and wealthy, caused in the world before their transition here.

I wondered whether this cemetery’s residents, who lie and live in it in calm – I like to assume, forever- came to it with beautiful hearts, beautiful minds, clean conscience as beautiful and clean as the expensive gravestones look.

Or whether, indeed, the expensive gravestones are a consolation to their souls, to calm them and an indication of their cruelty in the world before their transition to the cemetery, while they were still powerful and wealthy and playing all dirty games and tricks the powerful and wealthy often play to acquire, keep & maintain power and wealth.

I learned a lesson, that the powerful and wealthy, with their cruelty in pursuit of power and wealth, live in fear of death, so they seek to compensate for their cruelty, to console themselves with wishes of beautiful and expensive gravestones, to mask their cruelty while still alive.