Bastardised Kinyarwanda – Kwicyinisha and political coitus.

In contemporary bastardised Kinyarwanda, “Kwicyinisha“, is a word [expression] for “self-pleasure“, i.e, masturbation. The irony, more like, Rwandan social hypocrisy, masturbation is a taboo, but that does not mean many people do not do it.

Note: Kinyarwanda is Rwanda’s national Language and Rwanda is one of only a few – possibly three – african countries with a single language. Other african countries have multitudes of languages.

Rwandan society is generally and culturally a highly sexualised society, i.e, people are highly sexual. Sexual speak and jokes are a common place. But it is also a highly sexually active society, in fact, it is more a cultural practice. Rwandans love sex, they love to fuck, fuck!

Put it this way, give Rwandans sex and food, they will move a mountain to make space for more sex. However, what is more fascinating and hypocritical, is how [many] Rwandans are quick to blame people for their honesty about and around the subject of sex, particularly if it is brought in public.

It is, apparently, by cultural norms, supposed to be a private affair, and as long as it is kept private – out of the public view – by all means, indulge yourself to kingdom come. Fuck until you drop or break each other’s backs. You can also help yourself, i.e, masturbate.

Speaking of masturbation, i.e, “Kwicyinisha” (Kinyarwanda patois) being a social taboo – something so unacceptably abominable in public – yet, ironically, the same society that treats “sexual” masturbation as a social taboo, fetishes, glamorises and indeed, practises what is and can be best described as “political Coitus”. 

By “political Coitus”, the term means, the habit and tendency of/by the political class engaging in sexual relationships and using sexual favours to maintain or move ahead in their political positions and thus benefit from the attendant privileges. Or engaging in sexual relationships and using sexual favours to get into politics, mainly government, or gain political favours.

There’s nothing worse in our [Rwandan] society than “political Coitus”, by politicians – the high up exalted they are, each one of them is, the more sexually indulgent they are, to keep and maintain their political positions and attendant privileges. It is an open, public secret. It is a “political Coitus” cartel.

They love to fuck themselves, those “excellencies” and “honourables” to keep and maintain their political positions and privileges. They cannot deny that, if anyone does, they should leave office immediately for lying. They really love it, it’s human nature.

Rwandan society, like other societies, is partly a masturbation society, i.e, a society that engages in self-pleasure – “Kwicyinisha“- but Rwandan politicians take the prize for “political Coitus”.

Contrary to social stigma, self-pleasure, i.e, masturbation, is a sign of sexual freedom. Sexual freedom is a sign of a free mind, a liberated mind. A society of people with liberated minds, is a free society. A masturbation society is a free society.

The part of the Rwandan society, that happily and proudly engages in self-pleasure, i.e, masturbation, is sexually liberated and free.