Rwanda Day 2019, Bonn, Germany



Rwanda Day, is essentially a social [mass] mobilisation event geared towards Rwandans living outside Rwanda, thus referred to as The Rwandan Community Abroad (RCA).

Prior to Rwanda Day, there was Rwanda Diaspora Convention, therefore, it’s fair to surmise that Rwanda Day naturally developed out of Rwanda Diaspora Convention.

The first Rwanda Day was inaugurated in December 2010 in Brussels, Belgium.

It was followed by Rwanda Day, Paris, France, in September the following year, 2011.

Un grand rencontre
President Paul Kagame with the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Rwanda Day, Paris, France, 11 September 2011

There has since been a series of Rwanda Day events held across North America and Europe.

Social Imperative.

Mobilise Rwandans living [abroad] outside Rwanda (The Rwanda Community Abroad). The event brings together many Rwandans living outside Rwanda [The Rwandan Community Abroad].

Rwanda Day offers a tremendous opportunity to meet and interact with various Rwandan government officials as well as people from the Rwandan business sector (community).

It is also a great opportunity to build and strengthen alliances, social bonds and partnerships among community members from different and various countries and regions.

Such a large single gathering of the Rwandan Community Abroad does more to help build as well as strengthen community and social cohesion within different communities interspersed in different parts, regions and countries.

Such community and social cohesion is vital in the process of preservation and integration of the Rwandan cultural and traditional value-systems.

This integration of the Rwandan cultural and traditional value systems is vital among, mainly the young generation, most of whom were either born and have spent a significant part of their lives outside Rwanda, possibly have not been to Rwanda yet, or who left Rwanda very young, have been back only a few times, possibly never been back, and those who do not have the privilege of travelling to Rwanda frequently for various reasons.

So, among other important things, Rwanda Day serves to preserve cultural and traditional memory.

As such, Rwanda Day, among other things, serves as a great opportunity to bring the experience of home – Rwanda – close to them, within their own communities without the burden of, say, high costs of travelling to Rwanda.

Put otherwise, Rwanda Day, brings home – Rwanda – to them, the young generation of Global Rwandans as well as the entire Rwandan Community Abroad.

The experience creates such strong positive community and social impact, raising more awareness about Rwanda and consequently creating a close bond within the Rwandan Community Abroad and as well as a close connection between the Rwandan Community Abroad and Rwanda.

It is undeniable that previous Rwanda Day events and experiences, over the course of nearly a decade, have resulted in tremendous awareness about Rwanda within, have seen increased interest and participation by, the Rwandan Community Abroad in the socioeconomic transformation that has occurred in Rwanda by leaps and bounds, in the same course of time.

Kigali Convention Centre.jpg
Kigali Convention Centre

Kigali Convention Centre


Kigali Convention Centre Aerial View

Rwanda Day has served as an effective social mobilisation strategy and thus, community and social engagement and cohesion have not only significantly improved but equally increased. There’s more positive awareness among the Rwandan Community Abroad and this is, in largely part and massive credit to the Government of Rwanda for taking interest in its community living outside the Rwandan borders and henceforth taking strategic decisions and adopting policies geared towards engaging this equally vital community of the extended Rwandan society.

The upcoming Rwanda Day, scheduled on the 5th October 2019, will be held in the city of Bonn, Germany.

It will bring together throngs of Rwandans living, mainly in Europe, and a sizeable contingent from Rwanda composed, mainly, of Rwandan government officials, heads of parastatals, Rwandan businesses and various members of the Rwandan business community from the private sector and other various members of Rwandan society who are interested in forming social alliances, bonds and partnerships with their communities living in Europe, thus, referred to as “The Rwandan Community in Europe”.

Economic Imperative.

Part of the strategic plan by the Government of Rwanda has been to call upon the Rwandan Community Abroad to be part of the ongoing great socioeconomic transformation of Rwanda and contribute to national development.

The opportunity to be positively and proactively part of the national reconstruction process rather than stand on the sidelines and wish for magic to happen.

Rwanda Day, therefore, offers not only the occasion to socialise and have great fun but great opportunities to discuss various economic opportunities and possibilities that the Rwandan Community Abroad can, either individually or through cooperatives and other forms of pooled investment initiatives, take advantage of and engage in, creating socioeconomic value as well as contributing to enterprise and socioeconomic development.

This is made possible by the presence of major and mid to lower level Rwandan businesses, both from the public and private sectors, all armed with business and investment information on areas of business and investment opportunities.

Sectors with potential business and investment opportunities include but not limited to, broadly speaking, the financial services sector, the ICT sector, the real estate development and management sector,  the construction sector, agri-business, the mining sector and a host of other vitally important economic sectors with immense, almost undiscovered and/or untapped potential, as is almost always the case with any/every emerging markets.

Therefore, the upcoming Rwanda Day Event, among other things, will provide a platform and space through which, mainly the Rwandan Community in Europe and European businesses with interest, will interact and engage with Rwandan businesses, from both the public and private sector, exhibiting their products but also pitching investment opportunities and making value propositions to prospective investors, business partners and customers.

Rwanda Day is a comprehensive package of both social and economic imperatives brought together in a unique and great ambience, almost always, honoured by the presence of the President of Rwanda, H.E President Paul Kagame and The First Lady of Rwanda, H.E Jeannette Kagame and many Senior Government Officials.

It’s indeed a great opportunity that comes once in a while, not one to miss!