Africa is The Brothel of The World: The Russia-Africa Summit, Sochi.

The gatekeepers and agents to the world’s known and most abused brothel that is Africa, are gathering; yet again, for another summit on Africa – The first ever Russia-Africa summit – outside Africa, in Sochi, Russia. Not surprising at all! Because Africa is the world’s desire, everyone wants a piece of it!

Sochi is a Russian city on the Black Sea, coincidentally, where gatekeepers and  agents to the world’s known and  abused brothel that is Africa, mainly from what is called “Sub-Saharan Africa” – a euphemism for “predominantly black” – with a bit of flare for savagery, are gathering to partake in a summit organised by Russia’s strategic and cleverly aggressive President Vladimir Putin in what’s clearly a clever and  strategic move for President Putin and  Russia to get a foot into the Brothel of the World – Africa.

Like a brothel, to men of financial and economic means but with terribly starved sexual desires and needs; every country in the world with political and economic muscle, has a plan for Africa; to get a foot in the door to Africa – the Brothel of the World – and indulge their starved desires and needs.

Like every brothel, Africa – the brothel of the world, has its gatekeepers and  agents – the men and  women with fancy colonial titles, purporting themselves as its “leaders“, in fancy, usually bespoke and  expensive outfit – all designed, made and  sold to them by people they sometimes, albeit foolishly, dismiss as “colonialists“. Yet, ironically, the same people they run to for practically everything. The same people who set their agenda – political and economic. The same people who are undoubtedly treated as a frame of reference for all things these gatekeepers and agents consider “modern” and “developed”.

What’s strange but not surprising is that every plan, conference and/or summit on [about] Africa – where these gatekeepers and agents are invited, and flock to en masse, mostly each in their own private jets  or chartered jets, at public/government expense – almost always takes place outside Africa, the brothel of the world.

The implication and financial and economic costs of such travels to such conferences/ summits are, without a doubt, enormous to their economies. Such conferences/summits usually, almost as a tradition, take place in the most expensive places – cities, resorts in the world – outside Africa. Thus, these gatekeepers and agents to the most known and abused brothel of the world, Africa, spend millions of dollars (USD) out of their own impoverished, usually cash strapped economies into the rich economies of places where such conferences/summits take place, such as the current Russia-Africa Summit, in Sochi, an exclusive and certainly expensive resort beach on the Black Sea.

This quickly brings to mind the concept of “The Matthew Effect”, particularly in relation and when applied to cumulative advantage of economic capital.

Note: The concept was coined by (is credited to) sociologist Robert K. Merton. It draws on the biblical Gospel of Matthew 13:12  “For whoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.” New King James Version (NKJV)

Put simply, such conferences/summits on [about] Africa – the brothel of the world – have one particular thing in common, and that is; while they purport or precisely pretend to be concerned about and centred around Africa’s “development“, they are cleverly designed and organised in such ways to ensure they benefit greatly from African resources, such as inviting Africans, usually government officials who subsequently spend money out of their own impoverished economies and treasuries into foreign economies that provide venues and other necessary facilities for such conferences/summits.

Hardly do such conferences/summits take place in Africa, which would hugely benefit African economies.

These gatekeepers and agents attend such conferences/summits where Africa – the brothel of the world – is being partitioned into fiefdoms by and among the world’s powers that be in the same manner and spirit as the the infamous “Berlin Conference of 1884–85.”

These gatekeepers and agents play a nominal role, as well fed and maintained onlookers to the process where ruthless hunters divide, rather aggressively, their hunt, each bargaining and jostling for the best part of the hunt.

They take part in conferences/summits where African land is being systematically taken over, at little to almost no cost at all. Where there’s a cost; it’s a token, by foreign interests sometimes disguised, in fact, it is the modus operandi, as “foreign investment“.

Where Africans are being systematically stripped of their land, confiscated usually under the false pretext of national interests and priorities, largely through and by use of these gatekeepers and agents – most of whom treat governments and their countries as personal estates – and then freely handed over to fauxforeign investors“, rendering Africans landless, propertyless and condemning them to destitution, quite likely generational destitution and landlessness and propertylessness that European  colonialism inflicted on the vast African societies.

Africa, the brothel of the world, in which everyone across the world but only a few Africans – mainly the gatekeeper and agent class, goes in, gets their pound of flesh, gets served and serviced. Yet, majority Africans are being systematically jammed with an iron bar up their backsides.

It appears, the more things appear to change in Africa, particularly with such gatekeepers and agents seemingly under control, the more not only things remain the same but in fact, the more they get worse for majority ordinary Africans.