The Art of Backside Smooching

It’s hard to move up than climb down a mountain

It’s hard to move up than climb down a mountain; physical or non physical. The corporate -or social governance – ladder is no different from a mountain. How one gets to the top of the corporate – or social governance – ladder, determines their longevity

Moving up a corporate – or social governance – ladder and staying at the top [rung] requires the mastery of the art of backside smooching and the analytical intelligence and ability to assess and know which and whose “right” backside must be smooched, nicely!

Like of gold, all that glitters is not always gold. It’s sometimes, in fact, most times, a reflection of fake gold because real, pure gold is rare and too expensive; few can afford it. And so it is with all big “powerful” or “influential” backsides in corporate – or social governance – structures. Not all, apparently, big, “powerful” or “influential” backsides in corporate – or social governance – structures must be smooched. Many, in fact, must and deserve to be intentionally ignored and – if and where nobly necessary – smashed!

Most promotions within organisations or government appointments, rarely have anything, if at all, to do with competence or ability. But so much to do with the art and politics of backside smooching. They are more or less a true reflection of the person’s ability, that is, the promoted or appointed person, to smooch vital backsides with real, effective power, that is, the power to reward them for a backside smoothing job well done.

This explains why so many morons end up in high positions, and of authority, especially in government. They mastered the art of backside smooching, honed their analytical ability to pinpoint precisely the “right” backside, with real power, to smooch. If anything, promotions within organisations and government appointments are entirely distinct systems within a system. They operate clandestinely but predicated on apparent [self]dehumanising obsequiousness to those with real clout.

Organisations(corporations), like governments, are rife with social and political machinations. One-upmanship, cloak and dagger and backstabbing; shafting each other, is a normal practice – it’s the norm – rather than an exceptional occurrence. Everyone is trying to climb on each other’s shoulders, and if breaking shoulders or [stabbing] backs is what it takes to move up a notch or more, so be it, as long as the aim is achieved. Kindness is a costly weakness in such environments. Integrity is lacking and rare in such environments as the rarest piece of gemstone in the world.

Ethics and ethical behaviour

There’s no such thing as ethics or ethical behaviour where interests collide; or where interests are at stake. When and where interests collide, it becomes a matter of triumph or be trampled over. So, the most ruthless will triumph. Being nice, kind to those around you, is only a strategy – a weapon applied and deployed to achieve the aim, which is – to gain advantage over others and all else, and ultimately be at the top of the organisational or social ladder.

Be nice, be kind to those around you; but only as a weapon. Your ultimate purpose is not to be nice or kind to people. No one owes another niceness or kindness, but only to the extent that it serves one’s interests. The ultimate purpose is to gain advantage; to dominate. Be nice, be kind to those around you; but be cold, be ready and unflinching to annihilate them if necessary, out of your way, to clear your way to your aim, to achieving your ultimate goal.

Nothing and no one should come in your way. Life’s too short to be anyone’s second banana. After all, backside smooching is not a pleasant act. It’s as dehumanising as slavery. In fact, it’s slavery only with the illusion of one’s own volition.