The Johnny-Come-Lately to the Political Honeypot

The Johnny-come-lately are everywhere, every system- of any nature, has them. They’re in every organisation. Too often, their calculated, tactical approach or just downright naivety, in most cases, leads them to behave and act overzealous.

Their exaggerated display of overzealousness attracts attention on and hence renders them visibility. The kind that, momentarily or for a while, overshadows those who have been around much longer than they have. But equally, effectively overshadows their own, otherwise, terrible weaknesses.

They are easily identified [identifiable] by their overzealous and ostentatious behaviour, mannerisms, in most cases, well calculated and intended to beguile, to draw attention. But also, more importantly, to endear themselves to their new environments, in some cases, with negative effects.

In any organisations – hierarchical organisations – they act overzealous, ostentatious in mannerisms, appearance, particularly to draw the attention of their “superiors”- masters – to whom, to whose powers to have the final word, they owe everything, their presence in the organisation.

They act overzealous to draw attention from their “superiors”- masters, and win favours from them, so they can have a quick promotion, be given a quick leg up, be lifted to the next rung of the organisational ladder.

No shame in that! Society is arranged that way, meritocracy is fantasy. It’s only for formality, it only exists in the books, often mentioned and grandiosely emphasised in organisations’ annual meetings and reports. Often the reality is far different, a world apart!

So it’s in politics, there are political Johnny-come-lately. They’re overzealous, ostentatious in behaviour, mannerisms for exactly the same reasons, to draw attention and get or rather win, visibility from their new environment, and yes, their “superiors”, their masters on whom their political career, life heavily depends and hangs.

The political Johnny-come-lately, depending on their previous political affiliations and circumstances, often feel compelled to act overzealous. They do so to prove and demonstrate to their new environment and “superiors” – masters on whom their next political career, life heavily depends and hangs, that they have changed, they are redeemed from their past and fully converted to their current ideological persuasion.

Like a banished hungry dog, now back to its master’s home, trying to win affection from its master and thus be thrown a little food to survive, the political Johnny-come-lately, in their overzealous, ostentatious behaviour and actions, deep down, are insecure and desperate.

Although they behaviour and act overzealous and ostentatious to draw attention and gain visibility from their masters, they know they are treading on a delicate ground.

They aren’t sure what is and isn’t appropriate, acceptable behaviour to the masters. They are operating on a new master territory. They don’t know and aren’t quite sure of what can and will likely offend their masters, and this makes them even the more insecure, desperate and vulnerable but also extremely dangerous.

They understand fully, that they are sitting on powder keg that can and with a single touch on a wrong button, will explode on them. It makes them, or rather exposes them to manipulation and suggestions from those who have been around longer and understand the environment, how to navigate and the masters’s every whims and how to appeal, appease them.

So, the political Johnny-come-lately become tools in the meantime for those who have been around the masters but have been sidelined, to win back the masters’ sympathy and favours. This puts the political Johnny-come-lately on a dangerous possible collision path with their masters.

However, such circumstances will quickly demonstrate and distinguish the quality, intelligence of the political Johnny-come-lately by the way they handle and navigate the tricky, potentially dangerous environment they are operating in.

The cunning ones, will quickly learn they are being manipulated, used by the more experienced ones in the environment. They will quickly learn to discern their own personal interests; the interests of those who are trying to manipulate them from those of their masters and will act cunningly and decisively.

There are essentially two kinds of political Johnny-come-lately; the cunning, quiet, smooth but effective operators. Although they may initially behave and act overzealous and ostentatious, as a calculated strategy to draw attention and gain visibility, they quickly change tack.

They are well aware of the simple fact and principle that, what gets them in, may not necessarily be what is needed to keep them in and around for longer.

They change and take on more effective strategies of survival, and possibly gain more influence and power to move and rearrange the existing furniture. They change, adapting to fit and reflect their ever changing circumstances.

There’s the overzealous, ostentatious and loudmouths. They get into the political arena by being overzealous, ostentatious and loudmouths.

Although they may understand the inner workings and political chicanery of their new political environment, they realise and know that what got them in, is in fact, their strength. It is what they need to keep them in and around for much longer. So, they don’t change, they maintain it.

These are the types who are seen in public overzealously praising their masters. This is what is referred to as “ass-kissing” in political science.

They have common attributes too, they are either vertically challenged, or overweight and fat. They have a loud mouth they use as an amplifier- loud speaker – and the unmatched ability to work it, to keep it in the political honeypot. For, their ultimate aim/objective is to get access to the political honeypot in the hands of their masters.