It is impossible for Africa and Africans to be independent from colonialism and imperialism

Africa and Africans should forget about “independence” altogether. It’s impossible for Africa and Africans to be “independent” or gain “real independence” from their maker, that is, the European colonial machine.

Africa is a European creation, and as such, Africans are a direct product of that creation. Therefore, for Africans to say or falsely claim that they want “real independence” is or would be comparable to a child petulantly demanding there be no interference in its affairs from and by its parents. Even if that child grows into an adult, it is still not “independent” from its parents because we are a sum total of our parents, and/or of that which makes us, in every way!

And so is Africa in its – and are Africans in their – relationship with the European colonial machine that spawned Africa and Africans. That is the fact, albeit, an uncomfortable one. As Africans, we can shout in defiance of [against] what is being done to us, as Africans, or vehemently deny of such relationship but it won’t wash that reality away into oblivion.

If Africans think this observation is too far-fetched, just look at the names you so proudly wear and carry around, examine your value systems, your aspirations, you know, the European liberal so-called educated “middle class” values – the thing you call “education“, which is nothing but an effective yet pernicious weapon of control, that keeps you perpetually enslaved to and dependent on the European colonial machine.

If and when you get down to examine deeply the so-called “education” system in Africa, it comes down to this; that its very essence is to socialise or put simply, indoctrinate, Africans into the European value system, that is, the European taste, the European reality and world view. So this perpetuates the European colonial machine without having to use and apply force or call for imposing physical presence of the European and his coercive colonial machine on the continent.

This is because the European colonial so-called “education” system ensures it creates a pseudo European African bourgeoisie¬†that imitates and perpetuates the[ir] oppressors’ values and as such, serves as a consummate and trusted agent of the European colonial machine when and whilst behaving, expressing, living and upholding their so-called “educated” – emphasis: foolish – values.

What more can be expected of or from such mentally but irreparably falsified people who look up to their oppressor[s] as a paragon and model of “civilisation” – whatever that means – and of humanity and all its virtues, of what and how life must be and lived?

What more can be expected of or from a people who have been indoctrinated to let other people, their oppressors, define their reality and have them accept and take such reality as their own reality without asking; in what way does such reality serve them and their interests and/or; in what way does it work against them and their own interests?

Consequently and needless to mention, to the extent that Africans – and in this regard one ought to be very specific, the so-called “educated” but certainly miseducated Africans – have accepted and allowed to take on their oppressors’ definitions of the two other concepts of both “modernity” and “development“, that have got Africans completely jammed up and therefore, evidently, don’t understand their very essence except, of course, to have misconstrued them to mean; (a) become and be and; (b) do like their oppressors. This explains why Africans, in their misconstrued perceptions and certainly mistaken beliefs, are in a high tempo yet expensive race to Europeanise or westernise, in the false and mistaken name of “modernity” and/or “development“.

And because Africa and Africans are in the race to “modernise” and “develop“; because of this colossal misconception largely due to their European colonial socialisation and indoctrination process, the so-called “education“, Africa and indoctrinated and miseducated Africans need and will need – despite their pretensions and feigned courage that allows them to and behind which they make ineffectual bravado pronouncements against their oppressors’ heavy hand and influence in their affairs – their oppressors’ cooperation, innovation and creation and, without the slightest speck of a shadow of doubt, his resources, financial and otherwise, if they are to finish the race and realise their aspirations and dream of Europeanising [westernising].

Because Europe and the European act, to Africa and Africans, as the blueprint for what Africa and eurocentrically indoctrinated and miseducated Africans take for and as “modernity” and “development“.

Africa and Africans, by the foolish consent of the eurocentrically indoctrinated and miseducated Africans in and with power and in positions of influence both on the continent and outside of the continent, are completely suckered into the European colonial machine. They are hand in glove with the European colonial machine and its operators.

It would be rather more productive if these Africans acknowledged and admitted to their relationship and position with the colonial machine; which is that of smooching the butts of the operators of the colonial machine, majorly to protect and keep their own false bourgeoisie achievements and aspirations.

This, of course, is done at the heavy cost on the African masses used as cannon fodder and thus wantonly victimised with impunity by these faux European African bourgeoisie in their foolish pursuits while perpetuating their own enslavement and servitude but at the same time keeping Africa and Africans in a position at the bottom rung of the world citizen ladder.

This is the brutal and uncomfortable reality of the predicament of Africa and Africans in the colonial (imperialist) world order, albeit the kind of reality that so-called “educated” (miseducated) Africans would rather not hear or listen to but, alternatively, choose to comfortably bury their heads in the sand and wish it away instead of confronting it head-on with the determination and fortitude of an unstoppable mind determined to achieve its independence.