COVID-19 and the myth of independent institutions.

The idea of “independent” institutions – free from meddling by powerful interests – anywhere in the world, let alone hapless Africa, is and remains such a wonderful ideal; beyond which, it’s such a joke. Sometimes an irritating joke!

The challenges in the handling and dissemination of information on the #COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, has exposed the myth of “independent” institutions.

Suddenly the #COVID-19 outbreak and its continued spread, has brought with it and/or, as a result of it, the outbreak of “information pinching” – which is being deliberately minimal with information and with its dissemination.

How information on the continued spread of #COVID-19 worldwide has and continues to be made available and reported on, mostly in “developing” parts of the world, is and will prove equally vital or fatal in dealing with it. Proper information dissemination will help in the containment of further spreading of the #COVID-19 pandemic as well as treatment efforts.

Poor information dissemination or indeed, deliberate “information pinching“, falsely or not, confused for “information management“, on the part of those who otherwise have a responsibility to inform, to ensure they provide proper and adequate information, may exacerbate it and prove disastrous.

Information pinching” is not information management. “Information pinching” is being deliberately minimal with information and its dissemination. The unwillingness to provide adequate, factual and relevant information.

Deliberate “information pinching” is and can be as harmful as deliberately denying or blocking dissemination of vital, factual and relevant information, especially in times of crisis of the #COVID-19 magnitude.