Social Respect and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Every crisis in human history has, almost always, been and continues to be the case of a “Croesus“, i.e, a wealth of opportunities. It also does have the ability to expose, and more often, without fail, the good, the bad and the ugly of society.

If there’s one good and hard truth that the coronavirus crisis (outbreak) has brought about and out into the open; it is that coronavirus , as are many other outbreaks of its kind, is undoubtedly no respecter of persons. Coronavirus respects indiscriminately in its attacking ability. It can and will attack with no regard or exception to a person’s (its victims) social status and respect. That is, it unashamedly does not discriminate in who it attacks and will attack, at anytime. It is capable of attacking – and will attack – anyone indiscriminately.

While we humans are conditioned through society’s purposely designed social conditioning and indoctrination mechanisms to discriminate in our respect of [to] other people, based on trivialities such as social positions, power, wealth, fame and glory; coronavirus on the other hand, is no respecter of such things. It does not discriminate on who it can and will attack based on such socially discriminating factors.

If anything, coronavirus is daring the famous, the wealthy, especially the powerful with all their ostentatious display of power to bring it on, head-to-head, nose-to-nose, while exposing their cowardice. None of the world’s powerful, the wealthy and famous is daring to take on the challenge. They are all – each and everyone – scurrying away, frightened to their bone, going into hibernation – self-quarantine – in the mistaken hope or worse, belief, that COVID-19 will quietly disappear.

Perhaps COVID-19 is nature’s smack in our faces, a harsh reminder no doubt, that irrespective of our social status, our stations in life, ultimately, we are all weak and equally vulnerable to its power. That if we disobey nature, it will strike back hard, often with a vengeance.