High-grade brain and high-grade common sense.

The choice, at this critical crisis, isn’t that between a high-grade brain and high-grade common sense. Make no mistake, a high-grade brain does not mean high-grade common sense. They aren’t one and the same either!

Common sense is more common than high-grade brain. Common sense is the light that guides society. It’s the common language shared commonly by and understood better in society.

The world has been under the reign of high-grade brain – that has its merits – but with a dearth of high-grade common sense. The emphasis on high-grade brain, through the education system, has been done so much to the severe detriment of high-grade common sense.

The result is that too many high-grade brains are severely impaired in high-grade common sense. This may explain, in part, why too many specialised high-grade brains are robotic. Slightly deviated from their small areas of specialty, they’re discombobulated, many rendered kaput.

This crisis – COVID-19 pandemic, needs both – a synergistic demonstration of high-grade brain and high-grade common sense. This is not the time to choose one over the other. This is not the time to put emphasis on high-grade brain while ignoring the urgent need for applying and demonstrating high-grade common sense in all aspects of life.

While it’s said that common sense is not common, it’s at least far more common in society than high-grade brain.

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, is as much a high-grade brain as it’s, not so much for a high-grade common sense but merely the application of [simple] common sense approaches to personal hygiene and consideration for others.