The Rabbit and the Car: the tale of a sobering encounter and relationship of the powerless with the powerful

A rabbit, while crossing a road, was suddenly hit by an approaching car, but luckily, the rabbit survived by the skin of its rabbit teeth. In its rabbit wisdom, the rabbit gathered strength and moved close to the car, to have a candid conversation with the car about the situation.

Lamenting in great pain, the rabbit gathered breath and asked the car: why, your great honour, did you do this to me? Why did you nearly kill me?

The car, in its brass-neck arrogance borne out of ignorance of the symbiotic relationship in the universe, scoffed at the rabbit. In typical fashion and tone of any self-important, self-absorbed creature, the car snapped at the rabbit: who do you think you’re? How dare you question my actions? I am not answerable to anyone. I don’t owe you an explanation.

You’re just a mere rabbit. You’re nothing to me. You’re useless. Besides, you’re not allowed to use the road. It’s criminal for you to use the road. You should be lucky you survived. So, get out of my face now, before I crush your head. Silly rabbit!

So, silly rabbit, after being upbraided right after surviving death by the skin of its rabbit teeth, and learning that it’s a mere rabbit, useless and that its use of the road – crossing the road- is criminal behaviour, quickly hopped away to avoid being crushed on the head.

The rabbit learned the car has absolute right on the road, and the rabbit has no right on the road. It’s a criminal on the road. The car has absolute right on the rabbit and its life. The car can take the rabbit’s life anytime with impunity.

In the rabbit-car environment, the car is the law and unto itself! The car is the abuser – the criminal – but it’s also the justice system. Rabbit is the helpless victim. Rabbit life is at the mercy and fickle whims of the car.

Retreating to rabbit community, the wounded rabbit recounted its ordeal. Rabbit community reflected on rabbit life and survival and concluded rabbit life, in the mind of the car, is criminal life. It’s also useless life.

Rabbit life is endangered life in an environment dominated by the power of the car.

When life [is] has been criminalised by a powerful force, when life has been rendered useless; it has effectively been condemned to waste. Anything (action) committed by such powerful force on such life, thereafter, is justified and worthy in the eyes of the powerful force.