Post-lockdown and post-covid-19 world: “New Normal”

There are undeniably a lot of unknown unknowns as well as some major known-expected-knowns such as massive adverse effects of lockdown on businesses, resulting in massive job losses and subsequent massive unemployment in the post-lockdown and post-covid-19 world.

However, based on the mandatory requirement, in most parts of the world so far to wear masks at all times in public places; one predictably obvious known known – outcome – of that requirement is that; finally when lockdown measures are eased or lifted altogether; and people come out with mouths masked tight, after serving their “stay at home” terms, there will hardly be any mouth left unmasked – open – to tell and narrate the tales of what truly transpired during and while serving their “stay at home” terms.

Stay at home” period might and will, unless otherwise, go down world history as one of the most untold and hence unknown, or least known period mainly because people will come out with tightly masked – covered – mouths, unwilling to open their mouths to speak, in self-interest, of course, about it; their experiences during the periold.

The now much spoken about and anticipated “New Normal” will be full of unknown unknowns but one thing for certain, there will be less, if any at all, mouths unmasked [uncovered] tight. Consequently and, fortunately, drastically minimised gossip and unnecessary running of the mouths especially by fake highbrow types.

Hopefully, masked mouths will also mean there will be less need to talk and certainly less need for useless time wasting meetings at work and other places, especially of interest such as libraries and museums, therefore more need for more listening and critical observation.

It’s also likely that people will effectively use more body language; increased gesticulation for instance, increased non-verbal communication hence requiring more observation and attention to decipher body movements such as gestures, eye movements, for messages. This is great because it’s a chance to train, out of necessity, and hone an important but previously ignored yet extremely critical communication skill – non-verbal [vocal] communication – especially in management, business and negotiation – of all kinds, social and business alike.

Nothing, no matter how severe and damaging it is, is without some opportunities. Every crisis carries with[in] it, opportunities. No cloud, thick as a burning coal mine set ablaze, is without a line of glimmering silver. If identified and relentlessly pursued, salvation lies therein.

The covid-19 crisis is rearranging society and its previously established norms and mores, no less how we communicate. Silence is certainly going to be an extremely important communication form; far more than it has ever been, especially in a world obsessed with meetups and networking events and boring chit-chat. And the skill to listen to silence, decipher and understand what’s communicated in silence, is going to be an extremely vital, and hopefully, sought after communication skill. Other non-verbal communication skills and means will be essential and hopefully relentlessly pursued and adopted, mainly for survival and as a survival mechanism.

No more chatterboxes. No more chatterboxes!

But we’ll always need writers, writing skills are vital. The less need to talk, the less we talk, especially in self-protection; the more we will take to writing, if not so much for the sheer joy of/in it, but at least as a necessary alternative to reduced talking in self-protection