Of the master political lion and the hyenas around him.

The master political lion is too strong as he is too weak; his strength is equally his own weakness. He is heavily, and inevitably, dependent on the desperately and dangerously hungry hyenas surrounding him for his own survival. But while he is dependent on them, he must, in an unspoken, uncodified contractual obligation and hence, exchange, provide them with prey.

He is a political lion (who is) too weak to fend off the political hyenas around and surrounding him, and scavenging on him for their own survival. A situation they aren’t too happy about because they are undoubtedly convinced, deep down their miserableness; he causes the kind of undignifying, dehumanising situation that puts them in such dire and precarious circumstances. Consequently, they are ready and willing to eat; and will eat him up (finish off) at the slightest mistake and opportunity in the event he slacks off on providing them with much needed prey.

If he cannot provide them with prey; he will be [the] prey. They will easily turn him into their prey. That’s his biggest dilemma (challenge) and ought to be his worst fear. The master political lion is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. At the moment, in what appears to be the best of times when he can get both his own prey enough to feed on and satisfy his own acquisitiveness and have some leftovers to pass to the hyenas, all is and will be well.

But, worryingly, preys are running out fast and that should raise alarm bells to him. Even more worrying, if and while the alarm bells ring, the hyenas are and will be listening intently; paying close attention and alerted to the tough times ahead, baying for his blood, to turn him into their prey. For, the political hyenas around and surrounding the master political lion – too strong and too weak at the same time – cannot and will not starve to death while the master political lion stands in their midst, possibly with enough to feed on but not enough to pass over to them.

They will, more out of desperation and boldness – as a consequence of no alternative than natural courage – move and close in on him with the intention and purpose to force him to share his own scandalous plenty. And if he chooses or dares push back or frighten them away or, worse, fight them, they will have no option but to engage him and ruthlessly eat him up.

The master political lion knows if he cannot get prey, for himself – for his own avaricious needs and satisfaction – he will have to prey on the hyenas. But the hyenas are no fools; they are around him all the time and observe him, his every move and therefore know and understand him well, his strengths and weaknesses. The political hyenas know when he is weak and most strong, and should he indicate signs of being too weak to provide them with prey, they will mercilessly descend on him and devour him with a vengeance.

The master political lion is, after all, too strong as he is too weak – his strength is his weakness. He is heavily and desperately dependent on the political hyenas around him and he knows and understands their integral role in his own survival. Similarly, he effectively knows and understands his own role in their own circumstances, albeit, undesirable to many who are quietly hurting.

The political hyenas have inhibited but increasingly festering anger and bitterness as a consequence of the arrogance, the scandalous selfishness of the master political lion to whom all is and must be due without regard to the consequences either to the political hyenas surrounding him or the entire environment in the wild.

The relationship between the master political lion and the political hyenas around him is a dependent relationship heavily skewed towards and in the interests of the master political lion, but one in which the master political lion must provide political hyenas with prey; without fail, primarily for his own survival.

It’s a relationship based on a simple but natural survival principle in the wild, provide or be prey!