How oppression works and the mind of the oppressed

Oppression works best, and therefore is maintained and perpetuated when the oppressed, foremost, admire and aspire to the socioeconomic and political status of the oppressor. The oppressor sets best standards and the bar to which the oppressed measure themselves and hence aspire to achieve. The oppressed are made to see and define themselves and [their] achievement in and through the eyes and according to the standards of the oppressor. At that point, the oppressed have internalised and accepted [their] oppression. The rest, is simply procedural.

The oppressed may, and will oppose and fight oppression, no doubt, but what they oppose and fight is not its principle – that of exploitation of the oppressed – but the barriers it creates around itself, primarily to protect its privileges and maintain the status-quo. The oppressed want in on both implicit and explicit privileges of oppression; but without necessarily examining the source of such privileges; which is their own oppression. They do not pause to reflect on and/or question their own role in their oppression.

This is mainly because oppression “de-powers” and/or mentally decapitates the oppressed and robs them of critical abilities. It’s a tactical and strategic operation of oppression and the oppressor to attack and severe [the] critical and mental faculties of the oppressed. Once this is achieved, it’s then used by the oppressor to justify oppression on a false morality grounded in faux humanity and humanitarianism as that proposed by Cecil Rhodes in his speech whilst making his case for “The Glen Grey Act of 1894“; his blueprint for economic apartheid.

Cecil John Rhodes had these words of false and foxy humanitarian kindness and concern “The natives are children, and we ought to do something for the minds and the brains that the Almighty has given them. I do not believe that they are different from ourselves.”

The oppressor, therefore, ensures that he/she becomes the standard of measure of achievement and aspiration. The oppressor seeks to colonise the mind of the oppressed, to build in it, the foundation and therefore the ability to accept and relate with its own oppression – as something necessary and with a justifiable cause, for which the same mind works to defend and perpetuate.

A colonised mind, therefore, is an oppressed mind. It matters not, and is of no consequence at all, whether the oppressor is physically present or not. The colonised mind will ensure it keeps itself in oppression. It will ensure its own oppression is maintained and perpetuated through thoughts and subsequent actions guided by the thoughts such oppressed mind processes. It oppresses itself because it has been trained to do so.

An oppressed mind has the ability to act as its own police. It does not need a superintendent; it’s its own and does a good job. This is why, in any oppressed society, the education and educational standards of the oppressed, are that of the oppressor. The purpose of such education is to colonise the mind of the oppressed and mould it into oppression, accepting its oppression by admiring and aspiring to its achievements; a cycle that will perpetuate oppression by and through self-oppression.

However, and importantly, the oppressor’s educational intention to the oppressed, is not to elevate the oppressed to the oppressor’s level. The primary intention and purpose is to aid “smooth” oppression – indirect oppression, that is, consciously happy self-oppressing minds. As such, to avoid being swamped but also to defend the status-quo of oppression, the oppressor will regulate the entry requirements and standards into his/her territory, which the oppressed has already internalised and accepted as the measure of achievement and aspiration and therefore seeks to attain.

When the oppressor regulates entry requirements, it then creates tensions between the oppressor and the oppressed. The oppressed become resentful; and the smug and brass neck arrogance of the oppressor, makes the oppressor fail to address the resentment of the oppressed. It is this smug and brass neck arrogance of the oppressor, and the persistent but indefensible failure to address the resentment of the oppressed, that inevitably raises the consciousness of the oppressed to the callous nature and magnitude of their oppression, hence pushes them to rise up against their oppression.

Oppression, therefore, is its own enemy. It’s inherently unsustainable primarily because it’s predicated on a weak foundation; that of building its own strength by weakening and subjugating its victims. That’s generally an unsustainable model and approach to anything because strength and weakness are transitory. Nothing is built on the weakness, that is, by consciously weakening another, is sustainable. Nothing is built by consciously weakening other people, whether it’s one group of people within or outside a particular population, is sustainable unless the weakness is made permanent.

This may explain why a purported civilisation and all its historic and present achievements built on (a foundation of) oppression; and to protect and maintain all that, feels compelled to maintain the process of weakening the oppressed. The means are determined by the choice of operation.