Chicken Liberation in the Chicken Eating World

Liberation in a chicken eating world (for the chickens) can only mean one thing: chickens must liberate themselves from the chicken eater and the chicken eater’s taste buds. The taste buds of the chicken eater are the enemy of chickens.

Until the chicken eater stops eating chickens, and shares chicken feed with chickens; chickens are getting all too excited about – and will always delight in – the chicken eater’s liberation; which means the liberty not only to eat chickens but also to eat chickens without guilt. It’s rather foolish and self-deception on the part of chickens to adulate in the liberation of the chicken eater. Chickens adulate their continued demise. Chickens are excited to fill the chicken eater’s plate while the chicken eater’s mouth processes the value as well as ponders, with disbelief, the foolishness of chickens.

Clearly, chickens and the chicken eater have – and should ideally have – a different understanding of the concept of liberation. While the chicken eater is well aware of that, and intentional with it; chicken naivety makes chickens accept the definition of liberation by the chicken eater. Chickens naively accept the definition of liberation from the chicken eater’s perspective. Chickens couldn’t be more perilously naive and wrong.

But then again, what’s a chicken? What makes a chicken chicken if not for the naivety to think the poultry farmer exists to serve chickens? Isn’t a chicken a naive bird in the service of the poultry farmer and the chicken eater? It takes the naivety of a chicken mind to think that what liberation means to the chicken eater, and what the chicken eater celebrates for liberation, is shared liberation to both, that is, liberation for the chicken eater, is liberation to chickens.

While the chicken eater marks and celebrates the chicken eater’s liberation by tucking into chicken platters; chickens on the other hand, serve their chicken purpose; that of gratifying the craving of the taste buds of the chicken eater with liberty to eat chicken without guilt. Ultimately, what is liberation to the chicken eater, and what the chicken eater, therefore, celebrates as liberation, is an aberration that condemns chickens to their perpetual demise in their perpetual service to the cravings of the chicken eater’s taste buds.

Chickens must work their chicken legs and minds to ensure they liberate the chicken eater’s taste buds from the incessant craving for chicken. Only then can both the chicken eater and chickens truly speak of the same – and possibly, equal – liberation. And not an aberration that rewards the chicken eater the liberty to condemn chicken life to the service of the incessant cravings of the taste buds of the chicken eater for chicken taste.

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  1. How about this: The chicken eater is actually just another chicken in disguise. Most chickens know his/her little secret, but the chickens are too naive to undress the disguised chicken eater. Hoping the rogue disguised chicken eater will magically come to his/her senses. It’s this grandiose complacency that keeps the poultry farmer in business

    The poultry farmer is profit-driven, which the chicken eater knows and maintains religiously. The poultry farmer shall only undress the [perceived] chicken eater when the chicken eater has become too frail, defiant or [if] the chickens have resolved to undress the chicken eater. At this point, the poultry farmer will collude with another greedy chicken eater —and boom! a new perceived chicken eater is crowned. In hindsight, the poultry farmer is the [real] chicken eater. Manipulation and greed are the rules of the game and “liberation” (whatever that means) remains a fallacy!

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