Gorillas living in Monkey civilisation

Monkey civilisation cannot and does not change the ‘monkeyness’ of a monkey. It doesn’t mean monkeys will suddenly become men and women with keys to moving machines on wheels or acquire skills to fly flying machines. Far from it, monkey civilisation means monkeys are a lot freer to explore the wild – their natural habitat – safe in the monkey knowledge that they are less likely to be prey to monkey eaters. And that they themselves don’t become monkey eaters and turn on each other for the next meal.

Similarly, monkey civilisation neither means that monkeys will stop fingering their noses, only to look at the fingering finger with such intense curiosity probably wondering what in the monkey world that finger was doing far up (inside) its nose. Nor that monkeys will stop climbing up and hopping off from one tree branch to another, either as play or as a protective strategy – running away from potential threat, for example, of a leopard lying quiet and waiting to spring at the monkey. Monkey civilisation doesn’t alter monkey life.

What monkey civilisation does, is to make the monkey look down on the gorilla with the smugness the illusion and blind spot ignorance monkey civilisation confers, as uncivilised savage deserving of all manner of monkey games, trickery and on which monkeys trial out the next monkey tricks. The tragedy, however, and the cleverness – and to some extent, power – of monkey civilisation is that it is so deceptively convincing that the gorilla – in all its ‘gorillaness’ – has been duped into believing it is, indeed, gorilla civilisation.

The gorilla, in its gracious ignorance, has – with such verve – bought into the gorilla mind falsification monkey propaganda and unquestioningly thinks and believes, monkey civilisation is gorilla civilisation through and through; without which, the gorilla would still be unknown. That the gorilla would be unknown, and that means, it wouldn’t be the kind of highly sought out economic “product” it is in the gorilla economy that rakes in billions of “gollas” (currency in the gorilla economy). The gorilla population has swallowed that lie, hook, line and sinker.

So, because of such extraordinary power to play monkey tricks and falsify the gorilla mind, gorillas look up to monkeys as not only role models but, interestingly and sadly, as the paragon of civilisation. Gorillas are entranced with monkey civilisation. The gorilla mind is so falsified, corrupted to the painful and sad extent that the gorilla, in its determined pursuit to be like the monkey – live the monkey life, achieve monkey status – works its fingers to the bone. But only to realise, rather late and with such painful disappointment, that monkey status is a preserve for the monkeys.

That with all its hard slog, the gorilla can only go as far, and as the monkeys permit, in the monkey environment and hierarchy. That even within the monkey population, there’s rigid hierarchy requiring extraordinary monkey skills of manipulation, trickery to rise through the hierarchy. That it’s common place for monkeys to pull and push each other down – sometimes with such force as to cause fatalities, or to beat and fight each other down to death – while trying to climb the greasy pole through to the top.

Although some gorillas are permitted to achieve monkey status and go high up into monkey hierarchy as token representation to justify to the gorilla [population] two fundamental myths that; 1) monkey civilsation is gorilla civilisation and; 2) that if gorillas work hard -break their backs – they can, after all, achieve monkey status and go high up in the monkey hierarchy. A notion falsely propagated by the age old lie that “the sky is the limit to what both the monkey and the gorilla can do and/or achieve” without clarifying on exactly whose turf, under [in] whose civilisation and the laws that govern and perpetuate such civilisation.

Nature has its ways, and nature could not have made mistakes in its creation and differentiation process. The monkey is a monkey. The gorilla is a gorilla. But we are dealing, essentially, with two strong forces: 1) the monkey civilisation and its power to falsify the gorilla mind and; 2) painful gullibility of the gorilla to believe and buy into – unquestioningly – the gorilla mind falsification monkey propaganda that monkey civilisation is indeed gorilla civilisation, hence, working under a monkey civilisation defined framework.

This effectively means, whatever the gorilla population does, enhances monkey civilisation and further entrenching the falsehood into the gorilla mind that monkey civilisation is gorilla civilisation.