A gargantuan feat of political contradiction and hypocrisy by African governments and dictators: Cognitive Dissonance?

When western power establishment and powerful institutions are on the side of African governments and dictators, tooting their horn, it’s all hunky-dory. When they dare point to their political mischief, or criticise some of their awful actions; suddenly, all hell breaks loose. And all manner of appalling accusations are made, and begin to surface. From ‘imperialist/colonial meddling‘ motivated by ‘imperialist‘ interests and agenda, to anything they can muster, mostly in a shameful attempt to browbeat those who have dared expose their mischief to retract or back down on their criticisms, and to deflect criticisms.

For many Africans, it’s a badge of honour, something to boast about, to be educated/trained in the West – from western institutions of ‘education‘. The more prestigious the institution, the more the boast, and the more arrogant many such western educated/trained are likely to be and feel entitled. They will boast, with such stinking and nauseating arrogance, about their ‘elite‘ education.

In fact, the best way for the West to appropriate and/or co-opt the African mind, is to ‘educate‘ it. The best way for the West to recruit and get Africans plugged into the western ‘matrix‘, is to extend more scholarships and ‘educational‘ and training programmes to more Africans, and ensure western institutions of ‘education‘ admit more Africans into and walk their corridors.

Western educated/trained African dictators.

Most post-so-called ‘independence‘ African countries have gravitated between governments of military dictatorships and civilian dictatorships. Most of such governments have been led by western educated/trained individuals.

Most post-so-called ‘independence‘ African armies have been led by western trained officers, in one way or another. Many post-so-called ‘independence‘ African military dictators and military coup leaders have either been fully trained by, or gone through and have had military training programmes, in one way or another, in some of the ‘elite‘ western military academies. These individuals ride high on their military training and background in such so-called ‘elite‘ western military academies. And many indoctrinated Africans adulate them and put a high premium on their abilities, often overrated, with no practical relevance to their environments.

It’s not and has not been uncommon, whenever there’s a military coup in any African country, as some sort of indication of quality, that the first thing highlighted and emphasised about the coup leader, is their military training by (and from) some of the ‘elite‘ western military academies.

Most post-so-called ‘independence‘ African armies have been trained, in one way or another, by western military forces. Post-so-called ‘independence‘ African military forces have been extended with and therefore, benefited from western military training and assistance programmes. Many indoctrinated Africans will brag about – and proudly ride on – how some of their top military brass have been trained in some of the world’s (often the West) best and ‘elite‘ military academies. How they’re US, British or French trained military officers. How they’re CIA or M6 (British) trained intelligence officers, et cetera.

Strangely, however, when such individuals are criticised by western power establishments and other powerful western institutions, some of which they have been through or worked with, for their egregious behaviour and actions; these proudly western educated/trained Africans – military and civilian officers – defend themselves against their makers by accusing them – their western makers – of their ‘imperialist‘ agenda.

They cry foul and lament about western ‘meddling‘ in their national affairs. Hence, in their defence, they often turn to and mobilise or order their already oppressed and browbeaten populace to protest against what these western educated/trained African dictators conveniently label as an ‘attack‘ on their ‘national independence‘ and/or ‘sovereignty‘. Yet, before the criticisms or ‘attacks‘, they have been cosying up and working with (and/or for) the same forces (people) they accuse of harbouring and being motivated by ‘imperialist‘ interests and agenda.

However, when the same western power establishments and other powerful western institutions are speaking and/or writing favourably about them – tooting their horn, they don’t see or for expediency, ignore the underlying, quite frankly, condescending ‘imperialist‘ interests and agenda. Instead, they’re happy as they can be. They invite some of the powerful individuals in/from western power establishments and other western powerful institutions to their ‘State Houses’ and presidential palaces, villas, mansions for ‘State banquets’ and revel in State sponsored opulence.

Maybe it’s time African governments and dictators stopped boasting about, ordered their indoctrinated and oppressed people to stop pointing to their ‘elite‘ western education/training. Instead, accept it might, after all, contribute to and encourage their dictatorial behaviour and tendencies.