The African political so-called ‘elite’ will cry foul and shout “neocolonialism”, “imperialism”; when western powers condemn their political mischief while accepting loans from western financial lending institutions.

When western powers act upon their privileged power to project their noses into the (national) affairs of African countries; the nationally powerful but internationally powerless African political so-called ‘elite‘ make noise about western interference in their affairs. They scream and shout at the top of their voices against what they call ‘neocolonial’ interference and agenda in Africa. They are quick to accuse western powers of ‘imperialist‘, ‘neocolonialist’ or ‘colonialist‘ agenda.

They vehemently condemn western interests in Africa and African (national) affairs as ‘imperialist’, ‘neocolonialist’ or ‘colonialist’. No one denies the fact that there is, indeed, truth in their condemnation of western powers and western interests in Africa. The irony, however, is that the African political so-called ‘elite’ is a bunch of politically lying hypocrites. A bunch of self-serving, greedy and interminably corrupt but devious individuals who ride on the plight of their poor masses, to live their multimillionaire lifestyles.

While the African political so-called ‘elite’ are quick to accuse western powers of ‘imperialist’, ‘neocolonialist’ interference in African affairs; they are too quick and happy to allow western powers, through their financial lending institutions, to load Africa with debt. The self-serving, greedy and corrupt African political so-called ‘elite‘ will not hesitate to coalesce with western powers, in service of western interests in Africa for a few kickbacks, to conspire against Africa and African interests in Africa’s relationship with Western powers.

The African political so-called ‘elite’ will, for example, rarely, if ever at all, condemn mounting foreign debt in Africa as ‘imperialist‘, ‘neocolonialist’ interference and/or agenda; not because they don’t know and/or understand it is: they are well aware of the danger it poses. But largely, their conspicuous and concerted silence – which should amount to treason – is because mounting foreign debt forms and provides a funds chest (an inflow of funds) in which they; using their privileged political and power positions, dip their grabby hands and steal as much as they can get their hands on.

They, using their privileged political and power positions, steal and divert debt funds to their personal foreign (western) bank accounts, and to buy their foreign luxury real estate and other ridiculously expensive foreign luxury goods such as their high-end SUVs and private jets. What’s interesting and sad, however, is that the same individuals will shamelessly claim to be (more) patriotic than their poor masses. They will shamelessly and publicly bang on about national values, make false claims about working in national interests while loading and overburdening their countries with massive foreign debt, a significant chunk of which they will appropriate for personal use while their masses remain poor.

They will have no shame to publicly wax lyrical about and emphasise on the importance of national sovereignty and independence; while their countries and future generations are overburdened with and choking on foreign debt, and the extortionate debt repayments. They will shamelessly preach about national values, the importance of national sovereignty and independence while happily mortgaging the young and future generations for their present multimillionaire opulent lifestyles that do not benefit their own economies but foreign economies.

No wonder they tell and lie to the young; and get them to believe they are the future. The future overburdened by foreign debt that is not used prudently and productively, to develop the young such that they are able and capable of servicing it (foreign debt) in the future; but to largely fund the opulent lifestyles of the present self-serving political ‘elite’.

No country overloaded with foreign debt; with 50% plus of foreign debt to GDP, should ever claim to be sovereign or independent. It’s a colonised country; colonised by the instrument of debt.