Foreign investment in Africa is false investment

When foreigners, especially North Americans, Europeans and from Asian countries, whether rich or not, under the guise of ‘business‘ or merely for personal use, buy some property in Africa; that automatically qualifies them to label themselves as foreign ‘investors‘ in Africa. They tell Africans, ‘we’re investors‘; and Africans repeat after them; ‘you’re investors‘. So, the lie is not only sown but, importantly, perpetuated by those who stand to be exploited and victimised by it.

Many pretentious foreign ‘investors‘ in Africa are, in fact, poor economic opportunity seekers – they are economic migrants. For example, the White European community in Africa commonly known as ‘settlers‘, were poor economic migrants who moved to Africa in search of economic opportunities.

When rich, wealthy Africans — who form the African political and business elite — buy high-end real estate, not on mortgages but with cash, in North America, major European cities and Asian capitals mainly as a form of capital flight; they aren’t considered or counted as ‘investors‘. Too often, they are quietly suspected of corruption and spoken about as ‘corrupt Africans‘ or ‘corrupt dictators‘. Although it’s almost always true that most such Africans have either gotten rich and wealthy through corrupt means or are dictators with a monopoly to plunder the resources of their countries.

Put simply, rich, wealthy African investors – with high liquidity – in foreign countries, particularly North America and Europe, are (called) corrupt (rich and wealthy) Africans. When such Africans buy multimillion dollar houses (apartments) in North American cities, major European cities and Asia capitals; they are thought of hiding (their) stolen money.

When poor, economic opportunity seeking foreigners go to Africa; they are welcomed by Africans as ‘foreign investors‘. When poor, economic opportunity seeking foreigners buy a small property (real estate) in African countries; it’s lauded as an ‘investment‘ by both such foreigners and Africans; particularly the African political (government) and business gang who worship foreigners, accord them preferential treatment over their own kind and are too happy to hand them everything and all their valued resources for as little as to make it appear almost as handed out for free.

When rich, wealthy Africans – who are the business but mainly the thieving political class; park their stolen money in foreign bank accounts, mainly in North America, Europe and Asia, helping foreign banks with free cash while receiving nothing in return; they aren’t considered [as] investors. They are told and convinced by such banks that they are doing them a huge favour and they should be happy and count themselves lucky to be allowed the opportunity to access such invaluable service. These African fools nod in gratitude and go back to steal more to stuff away.

The African political and business elite steal and plunder Africa – their respective countries and economies – in the service of (to benefit) foreign economies. While foreigners go to plunder and steal Africa– African countries– to benefit their home economies and build their countries.