Political deception by the instrument of constitution.

Constitutions in African countries, like all other [political] power instruments such as the government, the military and the police, are a colonial instrument of power, through and through; but the least understood by the public. In fact, constitutions in African countries serve more to cause the sort of political constipation (tension) that’s common across the continent whenever matters of constitutional goal post moving(changes) are mooted to accommodate the desires of those in power than anything else.

This is majorly because, in many African countries, the political chameleon class – politicians – has lied and succeded in getting the public; especially the majority dispossessed, to believe that a constitution is something sacred that must be protected by all means, including dying for, if necessary. And above all, that the constitution is in the interest of the people and it’s there to protect and serve them; and not merely a political weapon for those in power, with the power to manipulate it to their political advantage.

This kind of political deception is made possible because the African political chameleon class coalesce with their ‘educated‘ enablers and hangers-on to conspire against the public and write constitutions that do not serve public interests except lull the public into fairytale illusions. Consequently, and unsurprising, the majority of the public in many African countries put so much, and potentially fatal faith in a document many have likely never read, do not really know and understand its content; but are told and persuaded to believe it’s ‘sacred‘.

No one dares ask: what is sacred about a document written by a handful of individuals who feel highly noble, highly privileged to write guidelines on how society, through a political dispensation, should be governed or ruled and to whose ultimate benefit?

But this is because, a constitution by its origin and nature, is a colonial concept and instrument of [political] power imposed on Africa and therefore, the apparent lack of critical interrogation of its purpose in general affaires of society, let alone political life, from the public is in itself confirmation of how little it is understood although blindly revered by the public. It’s an indictment of the lack of understanding of fundamental colonial political principles and how colonial politics deeply influences politics in post-so-called independent African politics.

However, every action, carries with[in] it, appropriate reaction to it. So it is with political deception by and from the African political chameleon class to their public about the importance, and sacredness of constitutions. Their own lie is exposed and soon comes back to bite them hard in the back; when they, after constantly lying from one end of their politically fattened mouth to the other that they will protect the constitution, to the chagrin of the public, plot and work to desecrate it.

When people who have been sold the lie and persuaded to believe the constitution is inviolable – shocked to see that the same lying political chameleons who sold the them the lie, are indeed, the same people intent on desecrating the constitution – stand up to defend it. It’s at this point the African lying political chameleon class suddenly realise that their political mass deception about the sacred nature and importance of the constitution, is in fact in stark contrast to and works against their constitutional desecration agenda.

If the African lying political chameleon class told the public, who constitute the majority dispossessed, that constitutions are political weapons used to the advantage of those in power; with power to use them in their advantage, and too often against the public – the majority dispossessed – then people would not put so much faith in them. And constitutional desecration by the political chameleons wouldn’t cause the kind of chaos it tends to cause in African countries.

If those who write national constitutes, and are mandated and entrusted with the responsibility to protect them, to ensure they aren’t violated; do not respect them and are the same people who violate them; why should the ordinary people – the public – respect them?

Ultimately, you can’t lie to others without lying to yourself. In the same way you cannot destroy others, without destroying yourself; without planting the seeds of your eventual destruction in the long run.