There is no enemy in politics; only competing and divergent interests.

Ultimately, there is no enemy in politics; only competing and divergent interests. When interests converge; it’s no surprise, therefore, that once seemingly political enemies coalesce and work together for their common interests. It is obvious that politics is purely about interests; it’s a means to an end and not by any means, an end in itself.

It is also evident that temporary hostility is one such many means that constitute politics as a major means. Permanent political hostility is the reviled antithesis. But what’s also obvious and true about politics as a means [to an end]; it’s a means without boundaries and without exceptions. It’s a means of and with all means!

Why, then, on an individual level; should (we), non-political people, naturally with individual interests; be so obtuse as to create an environment with irreconcilable competing interests and differences, moreover, accept to be irreconcilable enemies with each other? Why don’t we learn from politics that uses us, how it works to align to achieve its common interests; and use politics as a means and political strategies and tactics to achieve our individual aspirations and interests?

What does it serve to be so radical in our convictions, aspirations and interests as to be deplorably blind to how those with competing and different convictions, aspirations and interests are, in fact, our best allies; and how that dynamic helps to validate our purpose in that regard?

I play no enemy politics but I also recognise and understand the reality of politics; the reality is that politics is a means to an end. I also recognise that, if politics is merely a means to an end; then there are strategies and tactics by and through which such means is applied; hostility is one such tactics. Hostility is a tactic in politics; not a strategy, but it wears off and/or it could be misused.

It’s my responsibility to use and apply my mind and judgement to assess whether or not hostility is the only and best means that can serve interests; especially by asking, whose interests? Outsourcing hostility seems both preferred strategy and tactic for and by many with the means to hire hostility conduits while projecting a false image of neutrality; or worse, pretending to be concerned with the hostility.

This is how the politics of “make my enemies, your enemies by any and all means” is played out; especially by those with political power and means. They hire other people to “hate” on their behalf those they, for reasons they don’t communicate and aren’t willing to make public, deem as “enemies” but want to project as a common “enemy“; an “enemy” to many and therefore a threat to collective interests; and not their own interests; interests of the few.