Top notch deadly naivety

To think, and worse, sincerely believe that someone else other than yourself has your best interests at heart before theirs and thus invest your hopes and emotions in the goodness of their hearts and wait for things to work out well for you; is top notch deadly naivety. Human life revolves around relationships; relationships are about human interaction. Human interaction is integral to our relationships; how we interact fundamentally defines, dictates and shapes our relationship with each other and has great impact on our society.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to understand relationship dynamics, that is to say, the patterns of interaction in any relationship at any [given] moment. Patterns of interaction range from the communication, i.e, the way we communicate with (to) each other, the motive [reason] of communication as well as the relationship.

Understanding relationship dynamics helps clarify many things in any relationships and make interaction a lot more cordial even where differences are apparently stronger and people have divergent interests/views. But understanding relationship dynamics helps understand one fundamental characteristic of human relationships, and that’s that, human relationship is fundamentally and purely transactional.

It’s better to understand and accept that in any relationship and interaction with others; you’re possibly a convenient bridge on which the other person needs or has been looking for to cross from one end to another end of their [present] mission. Or that you’re [potentially] a pawn they [desperately] need to move to clear the way or test the waters, if not the convenient human shield to protect themselves; or tool with which to advance and achieve their goals and objectives.

Understanding and bearing this in mind; means one knows where one stands, i.e, one’s position in any relationship and interaction with others; i.e, what one should not only expect but also do. In other words, how one should play the relationship game because it’s ultimately a transactional game in which ending up with the short end of the stick might mean and have disastrous consequences. So, it’s better to not be naive to think and, worse, believe that others, no matter what they say or claim to be – authority or not – than yourself alone, have your best interests at heart and not primarily theirs in any relationship and interaction.